Born and educated in France, I was introduced to watercolour at the age of 9 and haven’t put my brushes down since.
After a Degree of History of Art and a qualification in Fine Arts, I moved to London where I carried on painting whilst working in various industries, including Publishing.
In 2011, I eventually decided to make the big jump and work full-time as an illustrator and a painter.
Now based in France, I create illustrations for cards, editorial, stationery, and much more; and carry on painting on larger scales in acrylic.

I love (in random order): deep colours, travelling, vintage papers, cooking, countryside landscapes, black and white movies, pop and classical music, illustrated travel books, brush strokes on raw canvas and the Mediterranean.

Every piece I create starts with a clear idea, a perfectly balanced image that suddenly springs to mind or slowly matures.

But once in front of my blank canvas or sheet, nothing come out as initially imagined. It’s like trying to recreate a vivid dream: no matter how hard I try, it will never translate as I had imagined it.

I have to accept the deconstruction of the initial image, to allow the real work to take place and give birth to a new piece.

Deconstruction – reconstruction.

Sometimes what comes out inspires me, some other times, it is a laborious process, going through frustrating phases.
But every time, it is a worthwhile journey that takes me a step closer to where I want to be.